Hair Loss

Hair Loss

A Silent Struggle

Alopecia, an all-encompassing term for hair loss, often remains a silent and stigmatized concern, despite its widespread prevalence among both genders. This condition, more than just a cosmetic issue, delves deep into the realms of emotional well-being and self-perception. Navigating through the nuances of alopecia—from its causes to its manifestation—provides individuals with the knowledge to tackle it head-on and reclaim their confidence. The primary symptom of alopecia is the noticeable loss of hair. Other symptoms may include:


Gloved hands examine a patient's scalp closely, suggesting a medical check.
A person examining a handful of hair loss while holding a comb.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss, varying in permanence based on its root cause, indiscriminately targets individuals across age groups, making its understanding vital. It can have various causes, including: